Glitch Button Embed

Why add this button to my project?

Jenn said so.

Add the button!

Users can already remix any public app on Glitch, and we want to give project owners control over their app's look, so we do not force buttons into any apps. What we do want, though, is for our community to encourage others to remix and learn more about their apps, so we built a widget that you can include in your projects to generate our neat little button wherever you like.

Here's what it looks like:

We've set you up with a simple way to add the Glitch button to your project:

Add our Button Embed script

The button will be added to any element with class="glitchButton".

For example, this project's index view in views/index.html shows an empty div element.

On page load, the button will appear. You can use CSS to position it any way you'd like!

Position your button

We don't want to lock you into button position, so to set it yourself you can reference the glitchButton class in your CSS or use an inline style attribute.

Embed one of our stylesheets

Sometimes you might not know how to or want to style your app, so we have an already written theme called "glitch" which you can add to your button script embed.

Note: the button only works on public projects.

Happy Glitching!

We want to know about all the cool stuff you're making, remixed or not–let us know it by tweeting @glitch!